Jelliarko Palgunadi


Research Skills

  • Employment of inert-atmosphere techniques for the manipulation of air- and moisture-sensitive materials (Schlenk technique).
  • Organic, inorganic and organometallic synthesis.
  • Ionic liquids preparations and utilization in catalysis.
  • Metal oxide catalysts preparations and utilization.
  • Characterization of catalyst materials employing various spectroscopic and suitable physical techniques, such as NMR (1H, 13C), Raman, FT-IR, UV-visible, DTA, Powder XRD, BET isotherm adsorption, TPR, and TPD, and products analysis using GC and GC-MS.
  • Handling elemental fluorine gas and direct fluorination reactions.
  • Handling SO2 and reaction in liquid SO2.
  • Handling toxic and flammable gases.
  • Design and operation of high pressure/high temperature reactors, utility for gas reaction and SwagelokTM fittings.
  • Proficient with standard PC operation and maintenance, built-in softwares under Windows.
  • Technical and scientific reports preparation.

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Professional Experience

(2001 – 2002) Australian International School, Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Description: Teaching assistantships for science class and chemistry lab

(2002 – 2003) PT. INTEKINDO, Oil Drilling Company, Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Description: Lab engineer in Drilling Fluids Division with major tasks were:

1. To prepare water-based mud systems containing clay, polymers and brines for oil drilling purposes; 2. To carry on physical and chemical analysis with standard API mud testing protocols.

(2012 – Present) PT. Holland Colours Asia, Color and coating Specialist, Surabaya, Indonesia

Job Description: Research and Development for new color and coating system.

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