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Curriculum Vitae

Academic Profile

1995 – 2001 BS in Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Indonesia.
GPA 2.81/4.0, 150 credits
Field of Interest Organic chemistry and molecular modeling
BS Thesis Title

Study of Formation Mechanism, Stability, and Conformation of Extracted Species, Eu-Cryptate [2.2.2] Complex by Using Molecular Modeling.

Molecular mechanics integrated in HyperchemTM was used to develop the model of Eu–Cryptate [2.2.2] complex and to calculate the stable complex conformation. The project was done in the Austria-Indonesia Computational Chemistry Research Center located in the Gadjah Mada University and was supervised by two advisors, Dr. Endang Asijati from the Department of Chemistry, University of Indonesia and Dr. Bambang Setiaji from the Gadjah Mada University. Molecular mechanics was used to develop the model and to calculate the stable complex conformation.

Academic Highlights

Undergraduate Level

During pursuing undergraduate study, I was active as a lab assistant for general, inorganic and computational chemistry in the Dept. of Chemistry, University of Indonesia. I also gave teaching assistantship for molecular spectroscopy and solid state chemistry in the same department. My BS research work was appreciated as a pioneer effort in my department of putting classical wet chemistry into computational modeling.To enhance my scientific experience, I joined with the National Physical Chemistry Association of Indonesia.

2003 – 2005

MSc. Program in the Environment and Process Technology, International R & D Academy, Korea Institute of Science & Technology (IRDA-KIST).

GPA 4.1/4.5, 48 credits
Field of Research

Metal complexes and ionic liquids synthesis, their characterization, and applications as catalysts in organic synthesis.

Thesis Tittle

Coupling Reaction of Epoxides and CO2 Catalyzed by Ionic Liquid-based and Phosphine Zinc Halide Complexes

My thesis work was combinations of chemistry and chemical engineering approaches comprising development of a series of ionic liquid-based zinc tetrahalides and a series of phosphine ligand-bound zinc complexes, and investigation of the catalytic reactivity for the coupling reaction of epoxides and CO2 producing alkylene carbonates. That work was entirely supervised by Dr. Honggon Kim (principal research scientist and the head of Hydrogen Energy Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology), and was co-supervised by Dr. Hoon Sik Kim (professor in the Kyung Hee University, Rep. of Korea).

Academic & Research Highlights

Graduate Level

In 2003, I was awarded a full-time scholarship from the Rep. of Korea (Ministry of Science and Technology) to pursue master degree in International R & D Academy (IRDA), Korea Institute of Science & Technology (KIST). KIST is well know as the first national research institute in the Rep. of Korea. In that academy, I was accepted to join to the Environment & Process Technology Division. While taking several courses, I was also conducting full-time research activities in the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Research Group, under Hydrogen Energy Research Center (now, Clean Technology Research Center). The group, directed by Dr. Hoon Sik Kim, is focusing their research activities in the green chemistry issues.

In the first year of my course, I involved in a collaborative research work on the carbon dioxide utilization funded by KOSEF and Ministry of Environment Rep. of Korea. My responsibilities consisted of preparing catalytic systems containing ionic liquids or phosphine ligands and carrying out the coupling reactions of epoxides and CO2 to produce cyclic carbonates in a bench-scale reactor. In the second year, I contributed to another project namely, the direct fluorination of cyclic carbonates to produce fluorinated cyclic carbonates for a new secondary battery solvents. My tasks were to conduct reactions of ethylene or propylene carbonate with elemental fluorine gas, to analyze the product, and to carry out the product separation in a pilot-scale.

2005 – 2006

In the following year after completing my master course, I had a post-master work for one year in the Catalysis Research Group under the Hydrogen Energy Research Center (now Clean Technology), KIST. I took part in the project of dimethyl ether (DME) synthesis from syngas (H2/CO) under the supervision of Dr. Kwang Deog Jung. My roles consisted of catalyst preparation, bulk properties characterization and catalytic activity measurements. Within one year of my work, our team has successfully synthesized and tested a numerous methanol–synthesis catalysts of copper-zinc-based alloys with -alumina to catalyze DME formation from syngas (H2/CO). These results were published in five international publications and filed for a Korean patent.

2007 – 2011

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Department of Chemistry, Kyung Hee University., Seoul, Rep. of Korea.

GPA 4.15/4.3, 66 credits
Field of Research

Ionic liquids synthesis, characterizations, and their applications in gas separation.

Dissertation Tittle

Ionic Liquids for CO2, Light Olefins, and Alkynes Separation: Material Selection and Solubility Investigations

My dissertation topic deals with the ionic liquids applications for gas separation. This dissertation detailed the synthesis of a series of ionic liquids (ILs) and the evaluation of their performances for the CO2 capture and for the extraction of C2-C3 fractions of alkynes/olefins. These research works were entirely supervised by Prof. Hoon Sik Kim and Prof. Minserk Cheong (professors in the Chemistry Department, Kyung Hee University, Rep. of Korea).

Academic & Research Highlights

In 2007, I started my Ph.D funded by Kyung Hee University President Scholarship. For the first two years, I conducted research in the synthesis and evaluation of various kinds of ionic liquids (ILs) for CO2 and SO2 capture. This work was funded by Hyundai-KIA Motors and Korean Ministry of knowledge Economy. General CO2 solubility behavior in classical ILs has been established and task-specific ILs containing amino group which are able to absorb nearly equivalent mol of CO2 have also been synthesized. Four international scientific publications have been published and two international patents have been filed from this project.

Potential application of ILs in the separation and purification of C2–C3 alkenes from C2–C3 alkynes generated in naphtha cracking was my second dissertation topic. This project gained funding from Kolon Industries Company and Korean Ministry of Science and Technology. I successfully discovered some suitable ILs for the effective separation of alkynes from olefins and revealed the nature of the absorption mechanism. At least six international papers have been published from this project.

Research Interest

My interest is continuing research in catalysis, organic reaction, and separation with respect to green chemistry perspective particularly in ionic liquids synthesis and their applications. Other topic of interests are the use of local natural resources in Indonesia and the applications of supercritical fluids technology with regard to the environmentally benign and sustainable processes.

  • KOSEF Award for MSc Degree.
  • Kyung Hee University President Award for PhD degree.
  • IRDA-KIST Alumni R&D Proposal Contest (KRW 20 millions) with Dr. Antonius Indarto.

Non Academic Profile

  • Committee member of Catholic Students Union, in the University of Indonesia, 1996.
  • Committee member of New Students Orientation in the Dept. of Chemistry, University of Indonesia, 1997.
  • Volunteer for NGO of woman care against violence, “Kalyanamitra”, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1998.
  • Participant in One Semester Philosophy Course, at the Institute of Philosophy Studies, STF DRIYARKARA, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2000.
  • Chief redaction of the Catholic student bulletin, University of Indonesia, ”AMORF”, 1997-1998.
  • Volunteer of Korea-UNESCO cultural exchange service for the cultural exchange program, 2003-2005.
  • 20 hours Voluntary Service of teaching English for elementary students in the Winter English Camp organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2006.

Academic Referees

Dr. Honggon Kim

MSc. course adviser and Principal research scientist in Clean Technology Research Center, Environment and Process Technology Division, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). Email:; Website:

Prof. Hoon Sik Kim

PhD. course Adviser, Professor in the Dept. of Chemistry, Kyung Hee University, Rep. of Korea. Email:; Website:

Prof. Minserk Cheong

PhD. course Co-adviser, Professor in the Dept. of Chemistry, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Rep. of Korea. Email:; Website:

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