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Study & Researches

During pursuing a master degree (2003-2005), I was a member of the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Research Group under Reaction Media Research Center, Korea Institute of Science & Technology (KIST), Seoul, rep. of Korea. In the first year of master course, my research activities consisted of performing coupling reactions between various oxiranes and carbon dioxide assisted by ionic liquid-immobilized transition metal catalysts to produce corresponding cyclic carbonates. The reaction itself is considered as “green chemistry process” since ionic liquids is used as the catalyst component under a non-solvent condition.

In addition, that technology was employed in synthesizing ethylene carbonate from the coupling reaction between ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide. Scaling-up the process for industrial purpose (joint research with the Honam Petrochemicals, Korea, South) was established and the work was completely carried out successfully. (Report)

Various transition metals immobilized in ionic liquids were synthesized and their catalytic activities were evaluated for the coupling reactions. Meanwhile, improvement and modification of ionic liquid-based catalysts such as an immobilization onto polymer support became another interest.

In the second year, I contributed in the direct fluorination of cyclic carbonate compounds (in this case ethylene carbonate) using batch reactor. These fluorinated compounds are used for secondary batteries electrolyte (lithium battery). Scaling-up works (up to 1 kg scale of mini pilot plant) on the preparation, separation and purification of fluorinated products were also carried out.

For a comprehensive review of the master work, please see my thesis in PDF file.

After completing my master course, I did a postmaster work in the same institute in the Catalysis Research Group under the Hydrogen energy Research Center (presently, Clean Technology). This group deals with on-current trend in the catalysis reaction especially in the C1 chemistry issues.

I engaged in the project namely, Dimethyl ether (DME) Synthesis from Syngas under the supervision of Dr. Jung Kwang deog.  My contribution consisted of catalyst preparation, bulk properties characterization and catalytic activity measurements. Within one year of my work, our team has been successfully synthesized and tested a numerous methanol-synthesis catalysts of copper-zinc-based alloys and physically mixed with g-alumina to catalyze DME formation from hydrogen and carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide. These results were published in several international publications and filed for the Korean patent.

Lately (2007-2011), I was doing a PhD work in the Green Chemistry Lab, Dept. of Chemistry, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Rep. of Korea.  My dissertation topic is in the field of ionic liquids applications for gas separation.  This work opens joint-research opportunity between my institute and interested company in the Rep. of Korea. Recently, our group evaluated the CO2 solubility in several imidazolium-based room temperature ionic liquids (RTIL) containing non fluorous anions such as phosphate or phosphite anions. Bronsted acidic RTILs and amine-containing ionic liquids were also subjected for the same study. I am also developing functionalized polyethylene glycols and modified amines for CO2 capture.

RTILs utilizations in purification and separation of hydrocarbon fractions are my latest project.  RTILs were found to be very effective for the separation of alkynes from olefins.  Some papers have been published from this work. Few outcome of my research PhD work is disclosed in this PDF file.

My research interests are in the fields of catalysis, organic reaction, and separation with respect to the green chemistry perspective particularly in ionic liquids synthesis, greenhouse gas and their utilizations. Another topic of interest is the improvements of value-added of local natural resources within the scope of green and sustainable processes.

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Interests & Leisures

During leisure time, I enjoy blogging Mata inggin bixara and How green can you go (mostly written in Bahasa Indonesia), reading Indonesian novels and literatures, listening to cozy and light musics, and hanging out with family or friends.

Reading about psychology, philosophy, history, children literatures, and of course popular sciences become parts of my interests. Other are also gardening, water color painting and traveling to see different cultures.

Jogjakarta, Indonesia, is my favorite city where I may find beauty and simplicity of life. It is also my hometown where time seems revolving slowly.

Kuksa Mipa Universitas Indonesia, a catholic students group in University of Indonesia that I believe has given so many wonderful friendships, happiness, and memories and has built my social characters in living with others.

With lab members in my research group, sometimes I have very nice time going out together.

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